Baby Greens
(& Tiny Greens Too!)

Farming Turtles offers several varieties of baby greens and tiny greens wholesale to restaurants and specialty distributors. Tiny greens are harvested slightly later than micros, with true leaves that look like baby lettuces. Baby greens are different varieties than micros, and though they're larger, they are actually younger when harvested. They have their own special characteristics that make them favorites among fine chefs.

Baby Green Varieties

  • Sunflower Greens have the nutty flavor of tiny sunflower seeds with the juicy crunch of a salad green. Wonderful in salads, on sandwiches, as a side-dish, or added to stir fries – you can cook them!
  • Snow Pea Shoots taste like snow peas from the vine, but are so much more versatile. Use them in sandwiches, as a garnish, in stir fries, or as part of your salad.
  • Snow Pea Tendrils are the very tips of the snow pea plant, these tasty greens have large, round flowers and long winding tendrils that chefs love!
  • Daikon and China Rose Radish are both packed with spice and crunch. They have delicate green leaves, but Daikon’s stem is white and China Rose’s stem is pink. Our newest addition, Purple Daikon, has beautiful purple stems and leaves. All three are used most often as a garnish, but can be used on sandwiches in place of mustard or onions as well.
  • Broccoli Greens are famous for their cancer-fighting properties, but are beautiful and tasty too. They are wonderful in sandwiches, in salads, or as garnishes just like our other baby greens. Don’t cook these, though, they are too delicate to withstand the heat!

Tiny Green Varieties

  • Spicy Tiny Green tray filled with fresh-growing mixed mustard and arugula, planted in rows like miniature fields.  We offer varieties including crimson mustard, red-giant mustard, green wave mustard and off course arugula.
  • Cut Tiny Greens with Flowers, sold in 4 oz. containers, cut fresh tiny greens sprinkled with nasturtium and viola blooms.  Absolutely delicious and gorgeous - it's a complete small salad by itself!