Our shiitake logs are available for you to grow mushrooms in your own home!


Mushrooms fit right into our farm's model: foods that are quick to grow, that we can provide year-round, and that are really healthy, beautiful, and yummy. The turnaround time to grow some mushrooms is a couple of weeks, if grown in a controlled environment. Often thought of as a vegetable and prepared like one, mushrooms are actually fungi, a special type of living organism that has no roots, leaves, flowers or seeds.

We are still new at growing mushrooms and produce just enough currently to offer at our farmers markets and to Market Mobile (a farm-to-restaurant local distribution program for RI, MA, and CT). As we gain knowledge, we will expand our line and our volume....stay tuned...


In 2010 we started growing shiitakes (Lentinus edodes), which have been a symbol of longevity and medicinal value in Asia for more than 6 thousand years. Shiitake mushrooms are incredibly nutritious as well as delicious. They enhance the flavor of most foods and are also tasty cooked by themselves. Click here for shiitake recipes, nutritional info, and homegrown mushroom log instructions.

In nature, shiitake mushrooms grow in the fall, at the base of oak trees, under the protective cover of leaves where humidity is high and temperatures are cool. At Farming Turtles, we grow shiitakes on man-made "logs" composed of red oak sawdust, millet grain, rye grain, wheat bran and gypsum.