Use and Care of your Greens

Because Farming Turtles microgreens are still growing, we wanted to provide some quick tips to help keep them fresh and healthy until ready for use:


Farming Turtles microgreens are best served by first removing the sleeve, then harvesting the greens by snipping with scissors just above the soil. Hold the cup turned on its side over the dish you are intending to garnish and snip so the greens cascade over the plate.


We deliver our microgreens moist, but of course they may dry out before they are ready for use. If you lift them up and they feel light in weight, or if the soil is light instead of dark brown, it is time to give them some water! Use the base provided and fill it with water (or put them in a little tub of water) so they can soak up from the bottom. They will absorb what they need within 5-10 minutes.


We recommend storing your micros in the refrigerator to maintain their size and extend their shelf life. Basil and amaranth should not be stored in the refrigerator – they are too delicate for such cold air. They should be kept on a windowsill or counter.

Keep the sleeves on while storing, and replace after use to best maintain the baby plants’ upright growth. Of course all of our microgreens can also be kept on your windowsill or table. They will continue to grow slowly, and fill your kitchen with edible art!