Really Cool Fresh-Growing Gifts!

Please call us at 401-294-5203 to give us your order.  Farming Turtles accepts credit cards.  If you're ordering a gift, wrapping is extra, but not much. Shipping costs will be additional.

Homegrown Microgreen Kit

We sell our best growing seed varieties for you to grow your own microgreens at home. Microgreens grow fast - 5 – 10 days from planting to harvest! You will be amazed at how tasty and beautiful these baby plants are! Once ready, place the pot on your table as a centerpiece and snip the tasty herbs as a garnish while you dine. This makes eating any meal more fun and nutritious!

The kit contains:

  • 3 growing containers with drain holes –
  • Organic Soil Mix, Pre-measured, enough for 3 containers
  • Organic Microgreen Seeds, pre-measured, enough for 3 containers (arugula, red amaranth, purple daikon radish)
  • Easy to follow instructions, with photos to illustrate the steps.
  • A sprayer to water the seeds, which you must attach to an empty cleaned out water bottle
  • Recipes for all 3 varieties
  • Purchase refill seed/soil packets and beautiful artisan clay pots to hold your microgreens in separately

  • Cost: $12.95
  • Home Grown Microgreen Kit gift-wrapped: $17.95

Homegrown Pet Salad® Kits

Pet Salad is the most nutritious treat you can give your pet – indoor cats, dogs, adult rabbits, hamsters and gerbils, reptiles, birds, and iguanas love it.  It’s easy and fun to grow. We provide everything you need for 3 containers of grass.  Seeds and soil can be ordered separately.  Also, beautiful clay artisan pots are available   to hold the container of grass, making a nice gift for pet owners and pets alike. 

The kit contains:

  • 3 growing containers with drain holes
  • 3 premixed bags of Organic Soil
  • 3 sets of Pre-measured Wheatgrass Seeds
  • Step by step Instructions

Wheatgrass grows fast - 5 days from planting to a healthy tray of grass for your pets. It is also very easy to grow . Best of all it is super nutritious and your pets will love it! Cats will choose it over houseplants every time!

  • Cost: $9.95
  • Home Grown Pet Salad® Kit gift-wrapped: $14.95

Refill Seeds and Soil

If you have purchased any of our kits, or if you want to grow your own micros or wheatgrass without a kit, we offer our superb organic soil and seeds for sale in single container portions or in bulk.

  • 10 single container portions of organic soil $9.95
  • 1 bulk bag of organic soil – enough for 20 containers $19.95
  • Variety pack of seed (1 packet – enough for 1 container each of 9 varieties) arugula, red amaranth, green mustard, purple daikon radish, green daikon radish, red arrow daikon radish, red cabbage, purple kohlrabi, broccoli $29.95
  • 10 containers worth of seed, arugula: $6.95
  • 10 containers worth of seed, red amaranth: $6.95
  • 10 containers worth of seed, green mustard: $6.95
  • 10 containers worth of seed, purple daikon radish: $6.95
  • 10 containers worth of seed, green daikon radish: $6.95
  • 10 containers worth of seed, red arrow daikon radish: $6.95
  • 10 containers worth of seed, red cabbage: $6.95
  • 10 containers worth of seed, purple kohlrabi: $6.95
  • 10 containers worth of seed, broccoli: $6.95

Farming Turtle Mugs

This year we have a special treat from our local potter, Michael Chatterley. He has designed us a mug with our turtle logo pressed onto the face. It is a sturdy hand-glazed green mug that will sit happily at your desk with your favorite hot drink and a turtle to keep you company as you work. Comes bubble-wrapped in a festive box.

  • Cost: $14.95